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      Trains Between Stations

      Trains b/w stations helps to find all trains running between two stations on your mobile phone very quickly. It tells all type of trains between stations.
      Here on Indian Train Status you can get train time table which will tell you total number of trains that run between two stations along with schedule arrival and departure of the particular train on particular railway stations and also the days on which the particular train between station by date.
      Instead of visiting IRCTC or to check train between station you can easily enquire train avaibility between station on mobile without any registration or login process.

      How to Check Trains Between Station on Mobile?

      To check all trains between station or to get train time table just visit from your mobile phone or pc and follow the below step:

      Step-1: In the first box just enter the source station code.

      Step-2: In the second box just enter the destination station code.

      For example,
      If you wish to check all train that run between Delhi to Mumbai then in the first box enter the station code of DELHI ie DLI (Source Station Code) and in the second box just fill the station code of MUMBAI ie BCT (Destination Station Code).

      Step-3: Now Select the date of journey or date on which you wish to check train avaibility between two stations.

      step-4: Now Simply Click on get trains to get all the train between two stations.

      Types of Trains that Run b/w two Stations

      Passenger Trains

      Passenger trains are mostly unreserved trains. The major advantage of passengers trains are that they stop at every small big stations on thier route. The fares of passenger trains are less than any other train train also they are mostly used by people who wish to travel short distance at affordable price. Passenger trains are genrally considered as low grade trains as they run at slow speed and are overtaken by superfast and express trains.

      Mail Trains

      Mail trains are faster than passenger trains and contains both reserved and unreserved coaches. They are little faster in speed than passenger trains having an average speed of 40 to 50KM/hr. Mail Trains stops on lesser station than passenger trains.

      Super Fast Trains

      Super Fast trains are of higher priority than passenger and mail train. These train contains both a.c and non a.c coaches than can be reserved by passengers along with some unreserved coaches. Superfast train are used for travelling over large distances and stops at fewer stations. They travel at an average speed of about 60 to 70KM/hr.

      Duronto Expresses

      Duronto Expresses are fully air conditioned reserved trains whose coaches are luxiroius and desinged in such a way that there seats are very comfortable for passengers. These trains runs non-stop from source to destination along with this, it also provides catering system whose money is included in the train fare. Duronto Expresses are extremely high priority trains.

      Rajdhani Expresses

      As the name suggests "Rajdhnai" meaning Capital, Rajdhani Expresses connects capitals of different states with india's capital ie New Delhi These are also very high priority trains that often get delayed otherwise such trains always run at time.

      Shatabdi Expresses

      Shatabdi are fully air conditioned high priority trains that travels mostly at day times. They does not contains sleeper coaches instead thay have chair cars. Shatabdi Expresses travel relatively at higher speed than other trains and they run between two big cities only. Such trains also provides meals including veg and non veg whose fees is already included in the train ticket fare.

      Garib Rath Expresses

      As the name suggests Garib Rath Expresses where "Garib" means poor is fully air conditioned trains that contains sleeper coaches at very affordable price These trains where run by the goverment for poor people to travel in economical way. These trains has very few stoppage and stops at big junctions only.