PNR No Check

PNR Status Check

What is PNR Status

PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record". PNR No is a 10 digit unique number which are generated automatically when a train ticket is booked and this PNR No saved in the database of the Indian Railway Reservation System.

PNR No Check contains all the details related to the passenger and his Journey which where provided by the passenger during the booking of the train ticket such as Passengers Name, age, gender, train number, journey date, boarding station, reservation station, berth etc.

Tickets that are booked from railway reservation counter or window conatians PNR number on the top left side of the printed ticket, however if you book ticket online through IRCTC website you can receive your PNR number and journey details through text messages on your registered or provided phone number and email id.

Where is My PNR Number Mentioned on the ticket?

The PNR Number can be easily located on the train ticket. It is a 10 digit number that is mentioned in the PNR Section of the ticket. The PNR no can be found on both the ticket that is booked either through official IRCTC website or ticket counter.

For the tickets that are booked online, the PNR number is sent on the mobile number.

Need to PNR Status Check

We need to check pnr status, Since PNR no conatins important Journey Details, it also conatains the reservation booking status that need to be checked frequently in order to check PNR status or Current Reservation Position.

Some time if the ticket is not confirmed we can use this PNR Number for PNR Inquiry to know weather the ticket is confirmed or not and if confirmed then what is the seat Number and Coach that has been allotted to the passenger.
However the tickets that are booked online throught IRCTC provide updates on the passengers mobile number.

How to do IRCTC PNR No Check on

To Check PNR Status for Train live on mobile just visit above site or Click here PNR No Check on your mobile or PC from anywhere and under PNR no Check section just enter your 10 digit PNR Number and click on the Get PNR Status button. As soon as you click on Get PNR Status in a fraction of second you will be dispayed with your current PNR status.

You can also do PNR Status Check about your Train PNR Status by Just dailing 139 from cellular phone and follow the steps that are provided.

To receive Train PNR Status on mobile just >> Tap on message box >> Type PNR <10 Digit PNR Number> and SMS to 139 or 5676747.

For example if your PNR number is 1234567890 Then Type in below format:

PNR 1234567890

and send this SMS on 139 or 5676747.

What is PNR Prediction?

PNR Prediction is a latest feature that helps the passenger to predict the chances of confirmation of thier train ticket based on analysis of past PNR status.

For more information related to Train PNR Status or pnr status check Visit Indian Railway Goverment Website The IRCTC PNR Status or PNR inquiry can also be done throught sms from your mobile phone also you can dail 139 from your mobile for railway PNR Number Check or any PNR Status Enquiry. Further PNR Inquiry can also be done on IRCTC online or Indian Railway Goverment website NTES National Train Enquiry System (national train inquiry system) online.

Some Important Abbreviations realted to Indian Railway and PNR Status

RACReservation Against Cancellation
WLWaiting List
RLWLRemote Location Waiting List
PQWLPooled Qouta Waiting List
TQWLTatkaal Qouta Waiting List
GNWLGeneral Waiting List
SLSleeper Class
3AAC 3 Tier
2AAC 2 Tier
1AFirst Class AC
GNGeneral Qouta
DFDefence Qouta
LDLadies Qouta
HPPhysicalyy Handicapped Qouta